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Anna Schneider (アンナ・シュナイダー) is a character in the Takt. op series.


Game Anna is a Conductor at the Symphonica and is the current host of Destiny.

She is Takt's childhood friend and the older sister of Cosette Schneider with Charlotte Schneider being the oldest. She is traveling to New York with Takt and others for a certain purpose.


Anna is a tall, slender girl, with her long, orange hair, tied in a high ponytail. Her eye color is Blue.

At the end of the episode 12, she cuts her hair short. When transforming into Destiny, her hair color becomes light pink with dark pink in the inner side of her hair. She also wears a red dress, heels, and accessories.


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She is a bit of a masculine woman, but has a lively and caring personality. She is a hard worker who is always being pushed around by the fast-paced Takt and Destiny, but tries her best to take care of them.



  • She comes from a prominent family and has an older sister who works for Symphonica.
  • Anna is shown to be the current host of Destiny, after Episode 12.

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