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The Boston tradegy was a incident caused by the D2 that cost the lives of many people including the famous conductor, Kenji Asahina.


The D2 large scale offensive targeted at the City Concert Hall of Boston where a concert was held. The damage caused to the city was enormous and the casualties were severe. Many members of the orchestra died including the famous cconducter and father of Takt Asahina, Kenji Asahina. After the incident, the government and Symphonica issued a statement where they would announce further response and future plans against the D2.

Boston tragedy

Last night, at around 6.30pm, Boston was struck by a massive D2 attack. Although the situation was brought under control by the Symphonica's emergency response team, the damage to the city of Boston was enormous, and a day after, the search and rescue of the missing survivors is still underway. At the time of the incident, a concert was being held at a concert hall in the city for the public's comfort, and some members of the Symphonica have suggested that the D2 may have targeted this concert.

The concert hall was completely destroyed in the assault, and many members of the orchestra were killed, including the famous conductor Kenji Asahina, who was performing there at the time. The total number of dead and missing people, including those in the city, are well over 100 and are expected to rise. The government and Symphonica have expressed their condolences to the victims of this terrible incident and are taking the attack as a very serious matter. They will soon hold a press conference to announce their response.

(From a news report, the morning after the "Boston tragedy")

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