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A Conductor (コンダクター Kondakuta?) is an affiliate of Symphonica who carries out the handling and direction of a Musicart and a frontliner in the battle against the D2. Conductors are naturally named after musical conductors who lead an orchestra during a performance. A Musicart can draw its maximum power with the help of the direction of a Conductor.


A “contract” is the act of entrusting a Conductor with a musical score, which is the lifeblood of a Musicart.
A contract between a Conductor and a Musicart is only forged if both parties agree and only can be terminated by an agreement or by death of one or both.

A contract is also needed to unlock the fullest potential of an Musicart so that they won't be restricted.

List of Conductors

Name Musicart Affiliation
Takt Asahina Destiny Berlin Symphonica
Lenny Titan New York Symphonica
Sagan Heaven New York Symphonica
Schindler Hell New York Symphonica
Avril Die Fledermaus (temporary) Berlin Symphonica
Nikola Cavalier Boléro (temporary) Berlin Symphonica