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Destiny (運命), is a Musicart named after Beethoven's Symphony No.5 in C Minor Op.67. She awakened inside Cosette Schneider when she was fatally injured during a D2 attack at the Symphonica Party. She made a pact with Takt to eliminate D2 and lived inside Cosette Schneider's body. Due to her unnatural process of becoming a Musicart, Destiny appears abnormal compared to other Musicarts. After giving up her energy to safe Takt and sacrificing her host body, Anna decides to continue hosting Destiny.


A graceful maiden. Her voice almost never quivers, and behaves elegantly. However, her actions are based strictly on her own values, and her demeanor can be gentle yet inflexible. She seems to be slightly of an airhead, and can blurt out unexpected things. In the game, Anna inherited Destiny's power to continue her will.

L.V. Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op.67" - A Musicart who carries "Destiny" in her body. Despite her ladylike appearance, her facial expressions rarely change and her tone of voice is always calm and polite. At first glance, she looks pretty, but she has an unconventional personality, with a sharp tongue and a sweet tooth. She and her partner, the conductor Takt, have a deep and long past together. At the end of Episode 12, Destiny tells Takt that she loves him (while Takt is being unconscious) before she sacrifice her remaining life force to Takt, leaving a necklace pendant on Takt's hand that contains her power


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She has an unconventional personality, with a sharp tongue and a sweet tooth. She loves Anna's cooking in particular and thinks that she knows everything, as she states to Maria's mother in episode 5. It is revealed in episode 7 that she has a soft side, helping the other people with their needs especially Takt. She borrowed a little piano for Takt in order to help him compose a music.

Destiny's personality in the anime differs from the personality in the game


As a Musicart, Destiny has a variety of abilities that help her deal with D2.

Musicart Transformation: An ability seemingly unique to her, Destiny can switch between her "armored" mode and "sleep" mode.

  • Sleep Mode: The form that Destiny takes when not in combat. In this form, Destiny cannot summon her weapon, but she still has her superhuman strength and durability.
  • Armored Mode: In this form, Destiny is able to summon her weapon, which is a transforming sword/sniper.

Superhuman Strength: Destiny is can give extremely powerful kicks to D2. She carried an entire piano and was still mobile enough to hop around with it. Her grip strength can easily crush a pistol. Due to her overwhelming strength, Destiny tends to cause a lot of collateral damage when she fights.

Superhuman Durability: On multiple occasions, Destiny has shown to be able to smash through walls with ease without hurting herself .

Flight: With flight, Destiny is able to travel across long distances in short amounts of time.

D2 Detection: As a Musicart, Destiny is able to detect D2 from far away. She has shown to be better at this than Titan, despite having far less experience than her as a Musicart.

Vibration Detection: Destiny is able to detect very subtle vibrations that normal people cannot feel. It seems to be a separate ability from her ability to detect D2 as she was initially not sure what the source of the vibrations were.



  • Destiny is the face of the Takt op. series and is featured in various official media.
  • Destiny is the main protgonist of the Takt op. - Game with the title being "Takt op. - Destiny in the City of Crimson Melodies".

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