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Family -Eroica- (家族-Eroica- Kazoku-Eroika-?) is the 9th episode of the Takt op. Destiny - Anime anime series based on the takt op. original concept. It is produced by MAPPA and Madhouse, and will air on December 1st, 2021.


Takt and his friends arrive in New York, their chosen destination. They are reunited with Charlotte, Anna's older sister, who works in the technical development department of the Symphonica. While Charlotte begins to inspect Destiny as an defective Musicart, Anna notices something strange about Takt. The mark on Takt's right arm, which has spread so widely that it seems to be eating away at Takt's body...



Letter found in the park in Episode 9

In the park scene at the memorial, theres a letter to be found on the ground seeminly adressing the Audience with the beginning in English and the rest in Japanese. The letter is signed with "from.M.M".

Content of the letter: Dear. Audience

Thank you for your time!
(Iesumo?) "takt op. Destiny" wa mitekurete arigatou.
Monogatarimo syuunbanni sasikakari takt tachiga tsuini NY ni tadoritsukimashita.
Nokosutokoro (can't read it)....
Douka saigomade takt tachino tabino atatekaku mimamottene

Roughly translated:
Dear. Audience

Thank you for your time!
Thank you for watching "takt op. destiny".
The story is reaching its climax with takt and his friends arriving in NY and the story coming to an end.
There are still 3 episodes left....
Please watch over Takt and the others on their journey to the end.

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  • There was an appearence of an yet unknown musicart in this episode.
  • In the scene at the memorial in the park, the written letter on the ground has a message addressing the audience
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