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Lenny (レニー) is a character in the Takt. op series.


A conductor belonging to the New York Symphonica. He has a masculine and dignified appearance, but has a feminine tone, and is a man who transcends gender barriers. He works alone for a purpose.


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He is a good person who does not hesitate to give a helping hand to anyone who is in need.


Captured and moved by Kenji Asahina's music, Kenji offered Lenny to be his pupil also hoping that Lenny could teach him too. Saying "I'd like to learn from you, just as you're going to learn from me". He studied Conducting and music under him with joy and pleasure. Though Lenny tried convincing Kenji to postpone a concert in Boston, he still insisted in performing, which resulted in the Boston tragedy that costed the lives of many orchestra members and the life of Kenji Asahina. Lenny, recuperating from his injuries, received an offer made by Sagan after the event in Boston. That offer being that he that he meets the requirements to become a Conductor to fight the D2. The Musicart assigned to him was Titan, which he soon started to bond with. When Titan asked why he doesn't smile, she offered him to "smile enough for both of them" in which he made a promise with Titan promissing her that "If you ever feel sad, Titan, I smile for you instead." After the final battle in which the D2 went into hibernation, Lenny and Titan heard and witnessed the sound of a tuning fork played by Sagan which made him questioning the motives of Sagan and the Symphonica itself.




  • He is a great chef.
  • He was the Conductor of Titan.
  • His full name is Leonard Flyheart (Sagan adressed him with his Last name in Episode 10)

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