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The Sagan Armistice is the Cease-Fire agreement between the humans and D2.

The Sagan Declaration

The threat is over. The D2 had lost much and went to sleep. The Symphonica has become its guardian.

Now there is no place for the D2 anywhere on this continent. Not a single one.

The monsters that plunged the world into darkness are gone. The time has come to move forward again. No matter where you are, no matter what race you are. The fact that we have survived the darkest of times and defeated a dreadful enemy will unite us all more than we can imagine.

But the music must not start yet. The scars they left are still deep and it will take some time for it to heal. That's all I want before this.

Rest assured. The Symphonica is with us. Believe me. The Symphonica is with us.

We will be the beacon that will show you the new way of the world.

--Excerpt from the Sagan Declaration, 2043.

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