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Schindler (シントラー) is a character in the Takt. op series.


He is the Former Chief Conductor of the New York Symphonica. As Sagan's right-hand and leads the organization. He respects and admires Sagan, the Hero, and is proud to have been chosen as his right-hand.


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Although being is extremely talented, he has a high self-esteem and a tendency to act arrogantly and look down on those who are inferior.


Fighting alongside the GM Sagan in the war against the D2, he too witnessed the horrors that this conflict had brought with it. He earned the attention and trust of Sagan making him get promoted to Chief Conductor of the New York Symphonica. While knowing the plans that Sagan was plotting to end the conflict between the Humans and the D2, Schindler tried to support Sagans plan in the best way he could even if it meant to disobey his orders. He later got demoted in Episode 8 for violating the GM's orders of not harming Takt Asahina who stood in his way of fulfilling Sagans plans and has been put under arrest by the Symphonica for disobeying orders and misuse of authorities.


Chief Conductor: With the rank of Chief Conductor he holds authorities inside the Symphonica to issue commands to any subordinates and such more.
Conducting: Being a Conductor grants him the ability to conduct any musicart to a certain extend without the need of a contract.



  • He's the Conductor of the Musicart Hell. However, it was later revealed that he wasn't a "true" Conductor, Hell seemingly playing a comedy while obeying his orders.
  • His full name is Felix Shindler
  • His whereabouts after the anime are unknown.

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