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Takt Asahina (朝雛タクト) is the protagonist of the story. He and Destiny share a pact to eliminate D2.


He is the protagonist of the game. A conductor who has been sleeping in the depths of the Berlin Symphonica. He is the one who conducts the Musicart and leads them to victory.

A conductor who signed a contract with the Musicart Destiny. He believes that "music comes first in everything".


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Takt is mostly found to be blunt and outright unfriendly as when he put blame solely on Destiny for their failures and when he appears dumbfounded at the latter's otherworldly appetite. He also appears to be slightly selfish as he prioritized bringing music back to the world rather than eliminating the existence of D2s. He also does not seem to care about his surroundings, preferring to have only the necessary objects around him for survival. Minimal concern was shown from him when Cosette pointed out he had bugs in his food.


Ten years ago when Takt was a kid, he lost his father during a concert hall who was killed by D2. After losing his father, he gets immersed in the world of piano alone to put his anger into the tone, but a girl named Cosette took care of him.

One day during the Symphonica Party, Cosette tells Takt to perform and make his debut as a pianist where she later joined him in a duet of popular uptempo music, which impresses everyone but soon after the performance the town was attacked by D2. Takt gets injured in the ensuing chaos, he was able to remain conscious but he subsequently noticed that Cosette had been fatally injured. As she lost consciousness, Cosette's white stone pendant (a Harmonia Crystal) awakens Destiny inside her; Thus forging a contract between conductor and musicart between them.


Enhanced Strength: Because Destiny is linked to Takt to the extent that she takes his life force every time they engage in combat, Takt is more physically capable and faster than any human while still being weaker than a Musicart.



  • He is the only son of the famous conductor Kenji Asahina, who passed away ten years ago.

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