Takt Op. Wiki

(1) Behavioural guidelines

outlines ways for editors to behave and interact with each other on talk pages and elsewhere at Takt Op. Wiki Wiki.

  • (1.1) Assume good faith
  • (1.2) Do not promote anything unrelated to the 'Takt Op. Wiki' franchise
  • (1.3) Do not edit disruptively
  • (1.4) Do not bite newcomers
  • (1.5) Sign your posts on talk pages
  • (1.6) User Pages: You can use your user page to add a little information about yourself or to help you to use the Wiki more effectively. However, remember that Takt Op. Wiki Wiki is not a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site.
  • (1.7) Do not meet in real life with anyone you meet online.

(2) Content guidelines

apply only to the article namespace (unless otherwise specified in the guideline), and offer advice on identifying and including encyclopedic information in articles.

  • (2.1) Cite sources with Manga/Light Novel/Anime Episode wherever you can.
  • (2.2) Name images appropriately: Fuyuki ep264 smiling.jpg or Saburo LN V4 E35 smiling.png are good, but download (64).png or 34rgtfdert5rf.gif is not.
  • (2.3) Do not plagiarise.
  • (2.4) There is, generally, no need for disclaimers in articles. (WP)
  • (2.5) Official content only - resist the temptation to write about the new, great thing you or your friends just thought up.
  • (2.6) Translating from Japanese using Google Translate is permissible for initial article creation: please mark at the beginning of the paragraph where you have translated with the template {{All your base are belong to us}} or {{Proofread}}.
  • (2.7) Mark pages for deletion by adding {{delete}} at the top of the page. In most cases there is no need to blank the whole page, unless the material is inappropriate.

(3) Editing guidelines

usually provide non-content advice about categorization, navigation or other how-to-edit advice.

  • (3.1) Be bold: do not be afraid to get in and fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure the language is precise, and so on.
  • (3.2) Categorise! Categorise! Categorise!
    • (3.2.1) Most pages are automatically categorized by their Infobox -- do not create scripts to automatically categorise a page using Navboxes.

(4) Naming and Notability guidelines

details the correct ways to name articles on particular topics. outline the criteria that a subject must meet to merit an article.

  • (4.1) If there is a common way for you to spell/identify a character, then create a redirect from your spelling to the accepted Wiki spelling of it. - DO NOT move pages simply because you disagree with the spellings for it without having a discussion with the Community/Administrators.
  • (4.2) Only make articles for subjects which are of notable standard.

(5) Style guidelines

contain extensive advice on writing style, formatting, grammar, and more.

  • (5.1) The Wiki's founder has originally placed all articles to be proofed in English (UK).
    • (5.1.1) Minor spelling change wars (e.g.color vs. colour) should NOT be taking place.
  • (5.2) Give images alt text.
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