Takt Op. Wiki
Conductor.png Conductor (コンダクター Kondakuta?): is an affiliate of Symphonica who carries out the handling and direction of a Musicart and a frontliner in the battle against the D2. Conductors are naturally named after musical conductors who lead an orchestra during a performance.Read more...
Musicarts (ムジカート Muzikato?) are, according to Symphonica, anti-D2 "weapons" that originate from certain humans. They possess powers that are designed against the "black stones", which cannot be harmed by conventional weapons, and the D2 that carry them. Due to the successful development of the Musicarts, humanity is once against able to fight back against the D2.Read more... Musicart.png
D2.png Despair Dolls (絶望の獣 Zetsubou no Kemono?, lit,. "Beasts of Despair"): also known as D2, are grotesque creatures that were born from a "black meteorite" that descended onto Earth. They can assume a variety of forms, but they share a common trait of having a "mask" covering the black stone inside their body.Read more...
Black night iron meteorite
The Black night iron meteorite (黒夜隕鉄 Kuroyami Intetsu?): are black stones that fell from the sky along with a meteor shower that took place in the year 2020. They vastly vary in size, with some pieces the size of pebbles while massive ones are capable of destroying mountains.Read more... Black night iron meteorite.png
Harmonia Crystal
Harmonia Crystal.png Harmonia Crystal (ハルモニア鉱石 Harumonia Kouseki?) is a beautiful stone first discovered in the year 2000. Its name was derived from the word "harmony" after the crystal's unusual response of generating energy upon exposure to music.Read more...
Symphonica (シンフォニカ Shinfonika?), formally called the Symphonica International Organization, is a top-secret organization whose objective is the protection of humanity. Its current focus is to eliminate the current threat to mankind, the D2, and it is the only one capable of waging a counterattack against them after the destruction of most of the world's governments and armies.Read more... Symphonica.png