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Titan (タイタン , 巨人?) is a character in the Takt. op series, named after G. Mahler's Symphony No.1 in D Major "Titan".


She is an innocent Musicart with a smile on her face at all times. She is Lenny's partner and is always on the move with him. She puts her trust in Lenny and cares for him a lot.


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She has a bright and innocent personality, but surprisingly, she also has an older sisterly side, gently teaching things to those with less experience.


She got assinged to Lenny and forged a contract with him when he was a newbie conductor. She offered him to "smile enough for both of them" in which he made a promise with Titan promissing her that "If you ever feel sad, Titan, I smile for you instead." They both bonded over the years of working together as Musicart and Conductor growing close together becoming both one when fighting. Her musicart contract got dissolved when Lenny succumbed to his injuries in Episode 10.


She's armed with a pump-action shotgun

Superhuman Strength - She is able to use Superhuman like abilities such as running fast, increase in strength or super fast reaction timing.

D2 Detection - Titan is able to detect D2 from a distance.

Trionfale - Titan's Ultimate Move. She Materializes multiple copies of her pump action shotgun and charges it to release a devestating shot.



  • Her score is G. Mahler's "Symphony No.1 in D major" - "Titan".

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